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5 ways to improve self-discipline

ways to improve self discipline
Written by navnee1

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Self discipline is something I used to consider very difficult to abide by. I was not someone who had a very strict regimen when in school or college. I used to do things as they come. But then I realized that to achieve something big you need to plod on the same stuff again and again regularly.

Some people consider self discipline as something which is going to remove your freedom. On the contrary it gives you more freedom to do things in a responsible way.

The 5 ways to improve self discipline are:

1. Forgive yourself

You know that you have not been self disciplined or not have self control. You need to first agree that you need to work on it. And forgive yourself for the past behavior.

2. Set a realistic goal

People normally set goals which are quite big for their current temperament. It is not that they cannot achieve, but it has more to do with self control. Your self control muscle need to be built one stone at a time. Set a small achievable goal first, and achieve it to build confidence in your ability.

3. Change your environment.

If you are struggling with smoking then quit that circle of people and move to a sober circle. Surround yourself with people who do not smoke or who has quit smoking.

If you stack up a lot of pizzas and chocolate shake in your fridge then please remove them and give it to some one.

4. Visualize long-term rewards

Learn the technique of visualization. Just sit and think the long term benefits of achieving your goal. How you would feel once you have it?
How it would affect your social circle, how people will look at you? What problem will you be solving?

5. Think you can

Henry Ford said “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” So, if a man who has achieved so much says it, then there must be some truth in it. What you say?

Let me know how this article helped you? Which among the 5 ways to improve self-discipline you used or will be using?



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