Think and grow Rich

think and grow rich
Written by navnee1
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For our development it is very important to learn on a daily basis something of use, it could be a small habit, a small word, a small tool. A tiny step a day should be our goal. This could be even reading one page of a book. One of the books that stand out is ‘Think and Grow Rich’ written by Napolean Hill. Written in 1937 on personality development and self-improvement, this book is a masterpiece holding the values in today’s age too. Some wonder if this is the best book on success.

Hill studies the habits of highly successful individuals for 20 years and came up with this book. He has indexed them into 16 principles of success
The 16 principles of success are:

1) The law of the mastermind
2) A definite chief aim
3) Self-confidence
4) Habit of saving
5) Initiative and leadership
6) Imagination
7) Enthusiasm
8) Self-control
9) Doing more than paid For
10) A pleasing personality
11) Accurate thinking
12) Concentration
13) Cooperation
14) Profiting by failure
15) Tolerance
16) The golden rule

Applying each of these principles is supposed to make your journey to success possible. Over the years many people have read it and said a lot of praise about this book. Focus on one area and then mastermind with more people to make it a success is a very important trait. One must visualize and create a definite chief aim. And have the self-confidence to pursue that goal with enthusiasm and self-control. Doing more than what one is paid for does not mean to provide a discount or lower your sales. It just means you can provide something of benefit which will help the client like an advice to shop for the article in a shop where it is cheaper or giving some water as complimentary during a hot sunny day.

Among them, the most important I felt was The Law of the Mastermind and A definite chief Aim. Read this book and share which was most important according to you. Please write your comments below on Think and Grow rich book. Do you think if this is the best book on success?



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