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Do you have a problem with smoking colleagues?

smoking colleague
Written by navnee1

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Many times we go out with colleagues on a break and we have a small chat and suddenly the colleague says can I smoke?
What if it was your boss or some colleague whom you care about? Now, do you have a problem with smoking? How will you tell this to the colleague?

Some times it becomes little awkward situation if you are not sure how to handle it. You need to keep the relationship but then also don’t want to be around smoking.

I feel some good ideas are:

1. Tell them you smoke and meanwhile I would get a cup of coffee.

2. Tell them politely you have allergy with smoking and hence once you are done with smoking please call me.

3. Wear a anti pollution mask which will protect you

4. Tell them politely you will not go out if they want to smoke as you cannot see some one whom you care lose their health .

5. Go to a place where there is a air purifier

Let me know if you faced this situation, what you did? I would like to jot down the most relevant ones.



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