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You are new and nobody is helping. What to do?

nobody is helping
Written by navnee1

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It is important for growth to shift companies or shift departments so that we learn more and become a better employee. So you are one of them who has joined newly to a company. And you find that people are very busy enough to help you know about the department or the job role. Your boss has told you broadly this is your role, now perform.

I have used the below technique to help me tide over this situation.

1. Tell your boss that you need help. Say he assigns you to someone. You then create an email with your boss in cc to that new employee and jot down the agenda that you will need help on. And then set up a daily or weekly call with him/her and send an update email daily or weekly on what you guys accomplished to your boss. This makes sure that you are not disturbing someone when they are working. And also they have to help you due to wider visibility.

2. Use the techniques in my earlier post –How to increase your circle of colleagues at office

3. Read the manuals which are available. Know more about the job by watching others.

4. Try to help some colleague in their job so it becomes easier for them. Do it on a regular basis before you ask for help. So there is a rapport.

Let me know your experience in a situation where you are new and no one was helping. What did you do? How did you resolve it?



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