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How to Ask for a Raise

ask for a raise
Written by navnee1
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You are nervous.

You set up a meeting with your boss, and you ars afraid of what he is going to say. You are going over what you want to tell him over and over in your head, but no matter what, it sounds like babble.

You have been at the company for about a year now, and it’s about time to increase your pay. That’s why you’ve decided to ask your boss for a raise.

Like most people, you may be nervous. You may have no idea what you are going to say, or how you are going to say it. Should you be meek and subservient?

Should you be demanding and firm?

Asking the right way can make the difference between you getting the raise that you want or you getting passed over. That is why Iam going to walk you through how to ask for a raise.

Ask Yourself Why You Deserve a Raise?

Sticking it out for a while may be enough to receive extra compensation, but then again, not everyone sees it that way.

Ask yourself honestly what you contribute to the company. Do you add value? If so, what kind of value? Are you making the company more money? Are you keeping clients happy? These are the things that your boss wants to hear about when you are asking him or her for more money.

Be Firm

You need to have confidence when you ask for something. If you sound like you aren’t sure, that’s how people are going to read it. Because of this, they may feel unsure about whether they want to give you what you want or not.

Iam not saying be abrasive, aggressive or rude. Simply know what you want and don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Be Willing to Negotiate

If your boss wants to give you less than what you ask for, you can try and negotiate. If you aren’t rude about it, they may simply tell you, No. You can then settle for what they offered.

Your boss is just like any other person. Be rational, be reasonable and be confident, and you’ll have a MUCH greater chance of getting the raise that you are hoping for.



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