Four easy to implement ways to earn from your blog:

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Once you have created a blog that has content that can help the reader, then you can think about earning from your blog. Below are easy to implement ways to earn from  a blog.

1. Using digital Affiliate products.
There will be many products in your niche that would be useful to your reader. You can find one among them that gives you a share of the sales. This is usually called affiliate products. You can join a website like the click bank which has a lot of digital products.

You may consider cloaking an affiliate link. Usually affiliate links are very ugly. You can make it look nice if you follow few tricks. One nice trick provided by growtraffic website can be accessed by clicking on growtraffic

2. Sell your own products

You can create your own products and then sell them on your blog. The product could be an ebook on how to solve a simple problem, or reviews about the best products to buy etc.
If you find creating a product difficult then you can buy a product with resell rights and start selling them. You can click on Master resell rights to know more.

3. Use Advertisement on your blog

You can use Google Adwords to create advertisements on your blog. When some one clicks on these advertisements you will earn money. You can click on Adwords to know more.

Please read through the ethics part of using adwords as google penalizes for improper clicks generated.

4. You can use amazon to sell physical products

Amazon has a very beautiful affiliate marketing strategy. Most of the products sold on it can be sold on your blog by you becoming a affiliate. Once you have a decent blog you can request Amazon to give you membership. To know more you can click on Amazon

Whatever strategy you use to monetize, your success depends on the traffic coming to the blog, proper placement of advertisements, using targeted adds that tickles the taste buds of the audience and content that is top notch so that readers stays on the blog for long enough.

Few tricks to get traffic is to add the blog posts to the social media like twitter, facebook and directory like dmoz, linking to and from authority websites,  creating youtube videos with powerful content etc.

If you like the above post then please let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Also let us know your experience of monetizing the blog.



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