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Early Rise or Late to Bed: What Leads to Better Time Management?

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Written by navnee1
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There are those of us who like to sleep late, and those of us who like to wake up early. For decades, we have been debating whether it is best to wake up early or late. “The early bird gets the worm,” so goes one saying. “But the second mouse gets the cheese,” says another. So which one is true? Are we more productive and better at managing time when we wake up early? It seems that the answer isn’t so clear. It is obvious some people have a genetic predisposition to rise early, while others rise later. Everyone’s circadian clocks are different. If you want to start waking up early, there are some things you should take into account first. Similarly, going to bed late brings its own set of issues/benefits. Here are the pros and cons to waking up early, versus waking up late.

Late to bed/late to rise means you might feel less tired throughout the day. For some people, even when you get a full eight hours, waking up early makes you tired throughout the day.

Lack of creativity may stem from waking up early and going to bed early. Many creative and intelligent types say they get their biggest spark of creativity is at night. If you are going to bed at 8PM and waking up at 5AM, you’ll be missing that surge of innovation.

Studies have shown that the early to bed/early to rise type people have more of the stress hormone cortisone swarming through their blood. This lasts throughout the day and makes them feel more anxious, tired, and worn down.

Waking up really early will mean you have to go to bed really early as well. Because most social activities happen at night, you might not be able to socialize as much as you used to. As humans are social animals, not getting enough social interaction can result in depression.

But studies have shown that people who wake up earlier are more successful. In one study, those who described themselves as morning people had a full grade point higher than those that said they sleep in.

Morning people are also in better shape than night owls. This is likely because they have more time to work out in the mornings.

Many studies have linked waking up early to certain positive traits, like optimism. That’s why those typical morning people always have smiles on their faces when they wake up.

There are various benefits and detriments to waking up early or waking up late. There is no clear-cut winner in this scenario. What you should do is wake up when your body feels it is ready to wake up. Forcing yourself to rise earlier than you should result in tiredness and irritability.

Please share your views in the comment section. I think this is a topic of debate.



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