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5 healthy ways to commute to office

commute to office
Written by navnee1
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Time is an important commodity in our day to day life. We want to do everything within 24 hours. We want to take care of family and ourselves, we want to work, we want to entertain ourselves.
So how do we take care of our health in this busy schedules?

Below are 5 healthy ways to commute to the office.
These methods of travelling are non-polluting to the environment and also beneficial to us.

5 healthy ways to commute to office are:
1. Use a cycle

Using a good sturdy cycle to commute to office helps burn calories and give the body a good exercise. Many people have a sitting job and cycling provides them a solution from mundane jobs as you can enjoy the scenery around as you go at a leisurely pace to office.

2. Use a tricycle
A tricycle is a super product as it is more comfortable than a cycle. It can be used by people who have balance problems which a cycle will give. It is safer than a cycle. It can be used by handicapped and old people. You can have a hand crank instead of foot pedals.

3. Use a horse

In few countries, you can use a horse to travel. Riding a horse is an enjoyable activity for few people. It is good to climb steps, pass through rubble and small obstacles and easy to control once you have the practice. Also, you have an emotional connection with nature and the animal. Some people would love to take care of the horse, bathing it, feeding it, talking to it etc. which also helps burn calories as you need to pick things up, move things here and there.

4. Walk

Brisk walk for an hour is a beautiful way to burn calories. You can take the short-cuts which are not accessible to vehicles. You need to have a handkerchief as you will sweat due to walking.

5. Use an Electric or electronic car

Using an electric car is very helpful to nature as it pollutes less than a gasoline car. It is easy to charge and you don’t need to stand in a queue to add fuel.

So let me know which method you use to go to the office. Which 5 healthy ways would you like to take to go to the office if given a choice?



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