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3 Tips for Politely Declining a weekend Invitation of colleagues

say no to weekend invitation
Written by navnee1
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Even if you are outgoing, there are some office parties that you may not want to attend. There may be an ex there, you may not be friends with a lot of people or you may just need a day off to catch up on rest.

Still, you don’t want to be rude.

So, what do you do? Well, here are three tips for politely declining an invitation.

Tip #1: Be Sincere

If you don’t want to go, you can be sincere as to why. This may work better for different reasons and with different people, of course.

Let us say your colleagues are thinking of a party at a strip joint, but you don’t like that particular setting. You may tell them that you want to sit that party out because you don’t think you would have fun in that place.

Tip #2: Make Other Plans

When you tell someone you have other plans, you don’t have to say when you made them.

When an invitation comes in for an event and you decide you don’t want to attend, find something else to do.

You may not want to insult them, but also may not want to go. Having others plans gives you a quick excuse

and also gives you something to do that day/night!

Tip #3:Just Say, No

One of the most annoying things for someone who is planning a party is a bunch of maybes.

Think about it, if you want to provide food, drinks and plenty of space for everyone who will be there, you need a general head count. When people are trying to placate you by saying, Yes, or, you end up overdoing it, spending money on unneeded resources.

When someone asks if you can make it, be honest and tell them, Yes or No. This will help with the preparations for the party, and it will cut away any tension if you see them before the party.

You aren’t obligated to go to every party that you are invited to. Use these three tips to get out of going to an event that you’d rather steer clear of.



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