3 Things To Consider When Finding Your Unique Brand

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Written by navnee1
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Branding is a tricky thing for most people to understand. When business owners try and find their brand, they tend to focus on their features and benefits. While it is fine to know your features and benefits, knowing your brand is just as important and knowing the difference can help you to grow your brand.

If your business is new or you’ve never taken the time to consider your brand, now is the time to do so.

Here are three things to consider when finding your unique brand.

1. What Sets You Apart?

No, I don’t mean top-of-the-line equipment or one hundred employees. I mean what is different about you, that other businesses that are like yours don’t have? What is it that makes you special in a market of other people just like you?

Let’s look at Apple. What sets them apart? They’re trendsetters, they’re hip, they’re sleek…get the picture?

They make computers. So does HP. So, what sets them apart from HP?

2. Who Are YOU?

It’s not enough to just be different, you also have to be authentic. Trust me, people will see right through you if you try to be something you aren’t.

When considering your brand, you have to think about who you are and what your values are. Then, you have to find ways to make sure that your personality and your values shine through in your brand.

You want your business to be an extension of who you are. If your business isn’t in line with your personality or values, people will notice.

3. What Are Your Competitors Doing

To get a better idea of what you want to do with your brand, scope out your competitors. See what their brand is, if it’s clearly defined and how you want to differentiate from them.

You don’t want to be a carbon copy of your competitors and you want to make sure that you stand apart from them, while still staying true to yourself.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll learn something valuable from your competitors that you would have never considered on your own.

These are only the basics of branding, but they are still extremely important to finding your brand.

Remember, it’s your brand that is going to show how different you are and is going to convince your customers to come to you instead of your competition. Make it unique and make sure it reflects YOU!



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